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23/03/2021 - Due to Brexit, sales to EU Countries are currently suspended for the time being due to lengthy Customs delays and additional taxes. [Extra VAT charges by EU Customs before delivery - Approx 20-25% depending on the individual country]. If you wish to order for EU delivery, please contact me before ordering and I will assess the current situation.


Any Export orders placed without prior authorisation, Or any other orders that have to be cancelled for any reason, such as when the PayPal/Delivery address is incorrect, will be subject to cancellation fee [ about 5%] as PayPal will not refund their transaction and/or currency fees.


[email protected] and by phone on 01983 852966.

The used Converted Cameras are graded using the following Condition Scale;

Mint = Almost Indestinguishable From New

Excellent = Slight Signs of normal use

Very Good = Signs of Significant use

+/- added to the above grading shows slightly better or worse condition


All transactions are carried out via a PayPal Secure Checkout.