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Heat Dissipation Modification to Sony a6000 to Allow Extended Run Time


This is the cost of a modification of your own Sony a6000 camera which increases the heat dissipation of the camera. This allowis a much increased run time before the overheat warning appears. It is mainly for video use where a normal camera will tend to overheat and shut down after 15-45 mins depending on the ambient temperature.  The modification was developed to allow Full Spectrum modified cameras to monitor and display an IR emitting product for an exhibition where the cameras would run continuously for upto 12hrs. The Half Price Option is only available if this modification is carried out at the same time as a Full Spectrum / IR Conversion or when ordered along with a Converted Camera.
A  similar modification may be available for other cameras on request by special arrangement.

* Please Select Special Delivery Option at the checkout for £500 insurance cover for UK return delivery. European and International Deliveries can only be insured for £250