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Modification to Cure Stray IR Leak Of Already Converted Sony A7II Cameras


This is the cost to modify existing Full Spectrum converted Sony A7II cameras converted by me prior to 2019. It involves near complete strip down but is being offered here to existing customers only at this special price.  I may take on A7II cameras modified by others on request at approx £200.00.

This additional modification, which is now standard since 1/1/2019, completely eliminates the stray IR leak that pollutes exposures longer than 30s at 3200iso and higher. In fact cameras with this extra mod have slightly cleaner images than Standard Cameras. See examples of 30s exposures at 25600iso with a Full Spectrum camera and a Standard Camera. Even 6 min exposures at 2000iso show no signs of IR Pollution after this modification.

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