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Sony Alpha A7II, Converted to Full Spectrum


Full Spectrum converted Sony A7II camera, In Excellent- Condition  with a few signs of use . Comes complete with Sony Battery,  Strap, Body Cap and Charger,. The Full Spectrum conversion involves removing the UV/IR Hot Mirror and the AA Filter, leaving just the Factory sealed cover glass, the back focus is then re-calibrated so all lenses will focus to infinity. [This is normally set so a Zeiss Loxia 21mm f/2.8 lens focuses just past infinity.] The results in IR are stunning, see the Gallery for examples. The in body image stabilisation still works fantastically well even after the conversion, it also allows the sensor cleaning mode to operate which is almost unique among IR converted cameras. PLEASE NOTE the A7II series Full Spectrum conversions were not suitable for serious Astro work due to a very very low level of IR Leak which starts to show on pushed images at exposures longer than 30s at 3200iso, HOWEVER I HAVE NOW CURED THIS PROBLEM  AND ALL NEW CONVERSIONS TO A7MKII CAMERAS [Not A7RII or A7SII] ARE COMPLETLY FREE FROM THIS EARLIER PROBLEM. IN FACT THE CONVERTED CAMERAS ARE ACTUALLY CLEANER THAN UNCONVERTED CAMERAS AT VERY HIGH ISO'S. See example 30s exposures at 25600iso on the IR Leak Mod Listing here in the shop.