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UG1 Equivalent ZWB2 - UV, Blue and IR Pass 49mm & 52mm Filters [+ QB39 IR Cut Filter Option]


These UG1 Equivalent UV, Blue and IR pass filters are excellent quality, but at a more reasonable price than their Schott equivalents. They are Chinese ZWB2 Glass mounted in Plain 49/52mm filter mounts, but the quality is excellent. They give a very frosty looking effect with Blue Skies and White foliage with minimal processing, the effect is visible in the viewfinder or rear screen on a Full Spectrum converted camera. Out of the camera, blue skies are blue with a touch of deep purple, but this is easily corrected with a slight Hue shift of Blue. Foliage is almost white or cream out of camera, there are practically no other colours in the image. You can also produce excellent Black and White images as shown in the examples. Another point of interest is some lenses that suffer from Hot Spots with normal IR filters are almost completely clear with these ZWB2 filters.
They can also be used for "Pure" UV work when used with an IR Blocking Filter like a BG39/QB39 equivalent as shown in the photo of the Dandelions, see drop down menu for price options. The QB39 filter actually works better than a UV/IR Cut Hot Mirror Filter with wide angle lenses for getting normal colour from a full spectrum converted camera. The last shot is a split image showing the same subject taken with identical settings apart from the Baader U filter requires nearly two stops less exposure for Pure UV work in comaprison to the ZWB2 + QB39 Pair.