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UV Capable 35mm f/3.5 lens Kit with ZWB2/QB39 Filter set and Macro Helicoid Mount and Stepping Ring - For Sony or Canon Full Spectrum Cameras.


A  fully tested lens capable of recording in the near UV with a suitable Full Spectrum Camera. The lens, from the 1970's, has been cleaned and checked. Please note the lens alone will not record any significant UV, it will need a Full Spectrum camera together with either a pure UV light source or the special filters to block all Visible and IR light , letting through only UV.  The Kit price listed includes 2 filters, a Macro Helicoid Sony E Mount, [which allows focusing from infinity down to a few cm] a stepping ring [if necessary], a rear lens cap and a front lens cap. The pictorial photos are taken with one of these adapted lenses with ZWB2 + QB39 filters fitted. See the UV tutorial page for more information. The photos are of a similar lenses. This Newly Available, much more affordable "Lens and Filter Macro Kit" includes a ZWB2 UV+IR Filter and a QB39 IR Cut Filter which includes everything required for basic UV photography apart from a Full Spectrum Camera. The last photo shows the effect of the ZWB2 alone without the QB39 IR Cut filter fitted. [Note White foliage without QB39 filter and Black foliage with the QB39 IR Cut Filter fitted in the photos of the Dandelion and Daisies].
I can supply a similar kit for the Canon EOS M Mirrorless range - See Drop Down Menu.